Dir. Roy Rowland | 1953 | American Narrative | 89 min. | USA

*This screening is FREE to the public

“The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.” is the only feature film written by Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss), who was responsible for the story, screenplay, and lyrics. A young boy who detests...

Ed Wood PNG.png

Dir. Tim Burton | 1994 | American Narrative | 127 min. | USA

Special 20th Anniversary Screening

One of the most under-appreciated films of the 1990’s, and winner of two Academy Awards, “Ed Wood” is certainly one of Burton’s finest directorial efforts. “Ed Wood” celebrates the life...

Futuro Beach PNG.png

Dir. Karim Aïnouz | 2014 | Foreign Narrative | 106 min. | Brazil & Germany, In Portuguese & German with English subtitles | Texas Premiere

An emotionally seaward lifeguard leaves his roots in Brazil to follow his lover to Germany where he soon finds his soul retreating, leaving him...

20 Lies, 4 Parents and a Little Egg PNG edited.png

Dir. Hanro Smitsman | 2013 | Foreign Narrative | 78 min. | Netherlands, In Dutch with English subtitles | Texas Premiere

Dutch director Hanro Smitsman, best known for his 2008 film "Skin", delivers a wild comedy the whole family can enjoy. Dylan is a rebellious teen who throws harmful...

Dual 1105.png

Dir. Nejc Gazvoda | 2013 | Foreign Narrative | 102 min. | Solvenia/Croatia/Denmark | In Slovenian & Danish with English subtitles | Texas Premiere


Iben (Mia Jexen), a lively young Danish woman carrying a deep secret, finds herself stranded in Slovenia...

Dramatic Shorts #3.png

Dir. Various | 2013/2014 | 103 min. | Canada & USA

Sun. Sept. 14 at 3:15 p.m. | Alamo Drafthouse S. Lamar

Special guests in attendance

In our final Dramatic Shorts program, these six shorts bring together big ideas and emotional wallops. Three (intense) stories taking...

Dior and I PNG edited.png

Dir. Frédéric Tcheng | 2014 | Foreign Documentary | 90 min. | France, In English & French with English subtitles | Texas Premiere

Filmmaker Frédéric Tcheng follows up his work on excellent fashion films, including "Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel" and "Valentino: The Last...

The Circle PNG edited.png

Dir. Stefan Haupt | 2014 | Foreign Documentary | 102 min. | Switzerland, In German & French with English subtitles | Texas Premiere

Winner of the Teddy Award at the 2014 Berlin Film Festival for Best Documentary and Outfest 2014 Grand Jury prize, “The Circle” begins in Zurich, 1958....

Cupcake 2 1105.png

Dir. Eytan Fox | 2013 | Foreign Narrative | 92 min. | Israel, In Hebrew with English subtitles | Texas Premiere

Campy, fun, and completely over the top, "Cupcakes", this year’s musical delight, is also a change of pace from Israel's most successful gay director, Eytan Fox ("Yossi &...

Comedy shorts #2 Gaysian.png

Dir. Various | 2013/2014 | 88 min. | Canada & USA

Sun. Sept. 14 at 7:45 p.m. | Alamo Drafthouse S. Lamar

Special Guests in attendance

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, or better yet, a gut-busting laugh where you begin to cry and snort. These eight short films all have...

Appropriate Behavior edited png.png

Dir. Desiree Akhavan | 2014 | American Narrative | 90 min. | U.K. & USA | Austin Premiere

One of the surprise hits of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival writer/director/star Desiree Akhavan's hilarious and poignant, "Appropriate Behavior" has made Akhavan, one of the most in demand stars...

Folsom Forever PNG edited.png

Dir. Mike Skiff | 2013 | American Documentary | 72 min. | USA | Southwest Premiere


Director Mike Skiff in attendance.

"Folsom Forever" tells the story of how a little street fair in 1984 grew into the biggest outdoor kink and fetish event in the world....