The Ever A-peal-ing Tangerine

Orange you glad this film exists? We had the absolute pleasure of premiering Tangerine here in Texas on Wednesday! The Sundance Film Festival favorite has a limited release and we were thrilled to be one of the first few to lay our eyes on the hilarity that ensues from two over-the-top trans prostitutes working Hollywood. Directed by veteran Sean Baker (whose previous work includes Starlet and Four Letter Words), Tangerine’s been receiving buzz not only from the break-out performances but also the technical marvel of being shot entirely on an iPhone 5s. The visuals are stunning and the script is a non-stop ride with plenty of drama and chuckles to bear witness to. We packed the sold-out show and were ecstatic to bring such an underground gem to aGLIFF in celebration of our 28th year! Don’t forget to check out our July screening of Do I Sound Gay?a documentary exploring the scientific an cultural phenomenon of “sounding gay” on July 15th Tickets are on sale here!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the summer release of Tangerine in case you missed our screening! It’s an LGBT film you definitely need to experience!