It’s a Beautiful Day in the Gayborhood!

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Gayborhood!

We take a lot of pride in our staff. aGLIFF wouldn’t have some of the best film content if it wasn’t for one particular individual: our fantastic program director Jim Brunzell. Being an allied Yankee, Jim has spent two years serving as our staff and we are thrilled to have such a competent partner in our midst! Jim recently sat down with local publication the Austin Chronicle to spill a few words about this year’s festival, the impact aGLIFF has had on him, and what he personally hopes for this year’s fest. Check out the post below!

Austin Chronicle Shout OUT: Jim Brunzell

A Warm AGLIFF Welcome – Kelly West

A Warm AGLIFF Welcome – Kelly West

We sure do love our board members! Without this dedicated group of individuals, the collection and curation of LGBT oriented films would be sorely lacking in quality and pride. They put in long hours of volunteer work on top of their busy schedule, so we’re honored to have such a wonderful collection of Austin’s finest. We recently welcomed newcomer Kelly West to our AGLIFF family and we are thrilled to have her aboard! To give her a proper hello, I managed to catch a few words with Kelly in-between her work with Women’s organization Lesbutante and the Boss, organizing social events for Austin’s lesbian community. Kelly is a member of the Austin Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and has been active in the LGBT scene here in Austin for quite sometime! We’re thrilled to have her aboard and I was thrilled to have a quick chat with the busy socialite!

First off, I did a little research into your fine collection of social escapades through Lesbutante and the Boss. What inspired you to rouse such a fine gathering of fierce females?
When I relocated to Austin 2 years ago – I found that my hometown had changed. I did not know how to navigate the social here anymore. Everyone was online dating to meet anyone. I met my partner in crime, Michelle Daly aka the BOSS, through mutual friends and be thought there has to be a better way to connect our community. Thus L&B was born in October of 2013
Being on the board of a film festival, what was your first exposure to LGBT / Queer cinema?
As a college student – it was something I would seek out. I was crazy to find anything that I felt looked like they way I usually felt on screen. The picking were slim!
How has being stationed in Austin influenced you personally? I know we have a strong Queer community here, has the cool vibes helped / influenced you in any way?
I am a native Austinite  – I moved back home a little over 2 years ago. I love how we keep it weird!  I love that you can be you anywhere in Austin. I love that I am always allowed to be me. <3
Also from being in Austin, favorite taco? (not necessarily restricted to breakfast, we’ll take anything wrapped in a tortilla!)
Torchy’s has my heart with the Trashy Trailer Park, but I am a sucker for anything new.
At your next social gathering, who would be someone you would just die to have be there? Any sort of LGBT celebrity or local socialite?
Charlie Ray
What’s been your involvement with AGLIFF in the past? Either volunteering or attending, even if this is your first time we’re still pumped to have ya!!
I went a Festival Movie 100 years ago, but that is IT. I am so excited to be apart of this amazing group!
On a scale from 1 to rainbow balloons, how excited are you to be serving on such a tremendous board?
It’s rainbow bouquet arch.
If you could muster up the ability to play any instrument, what would it be?
Finally, if you had to opportunity to be a walk-on role on any television set, which one would it be and who would you hope to bump into (probably not physically bump but possibly!!)
Oh LORD! I would be happy to be on an set as long as I get hair and makeup
A Few resources about L&B: