Girls Lost

GIRLS LOST (Porkarna)

Dir. Alexandra-Therese Keining I 2015 I Sweden & Finland, In Swedish w/English subtitles I 106 min. I Austin Premiere
Sunday, September 11 at 6:00 p..m. | Buy Tickets


Synopsis A tight-knit trio of three Swedish schoolgirls, tormented by their male peers, find freedom and excitement with the discovery of a mysterious flower growing in their garden. After drinking from the sap that flows from it—allows them to transform into male alter-egos at night. In this dark fantasy, “Girls Lost” presents an exploration of gender and burgeoning sexuality, and the desire to live authentically and free, no matter the cost. One of the most unusual films at the festival this year, this haunting supernatural drama explores the fluidity of gender and sexuality and defies our expectations of human relationships.

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