I Love You Both


Dir. Doug Archibald I 2016 I U.S.A. I 90 min I Texas Premiere
Saturday, September 10 at 1:00 p.m. | Buy Tickets

I Love You Both

Synopsis: Donny and Krystal are twins who share everything. They live together, eat together, do everything together… until Andy comes into their lives. Handsome, funny, artistic and chill, he is the perfect match for both of them. But some things can’t be shared, and suddenly they both find themselves torn between the love that could be and the love for each other.  “I Love You Both” is a sweet, humorous coming-of-age and sibling rivalry story starring real-life brother and sister Doug and Kristin Archibald. As their pursuit of Andy (Raising Hope’s Lucas Neff) pulls them away from each other they each find within themselves previously hidden strengths and learn that they can have a life apart without losing each other.

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