The Big Raincheck


Dir. Walter Reuben I 2015 I U.S.A. I 83 min. I World Premiere
Saturday, September 10 at 12:45 p.m. | Buy Tickets
Director/Producer Walter Reuben & special guests will be in attendance.

the big raincheck framegrab_045

Synopsis: The Big Raincheck is unlike any other film at this year’s festival. It is an autobiographical, yet scripted, story of a young filmmaker who has been haunted by his unfinished work. The film combines unfinished fragments of a film originally shot in 1981, more recent footage, and documentary-style interviews recounting the original production. The story of the unfinished film is entwined with the history of the Austin film scene, and scarred by the wounds inflicted by the AIDS epidemic. Delightfully disjointed and frenetic, The Big Raincheck explores the link between the artist, his work, and his past with extraordinary results.

Watch the Trailer: