Uncle Howard


Dir. Aaron Brookner I 2016 I U.S.A. I 96 min. I Austin Premiere
Sunday, September 11 at 10:15 a.m. | Buy Tickets

uncle howard

Synopsis: In 1978, Howard Brookner started filming ‘Burroughs: The Movie’ a documentary about literary cult writer William S. Burroughs. It took nearly five years to complete with the help of fellow students and young filmmakers like Jim Jarmusch and Tom DiCillo. “Uncle Howard” follows Brookner’s nephew Aaron in New York City as he tries to access the raw footage from the film stored in what was referred to by Burroughs as “The Bunker”. This process helps Aaron discover more about his Uncle and the life he led. “Uncle Howard” is a beautifully intimate portrait of Howard Brookner that contains rare interviews and recently found footage.

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