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For 30 years aGLIFF has brought the best in LGBTQ+ cinema to central Texas, providing a place where our community can gather, make new friends, and see their stories reflected on screen. None of this would be possible without the loving support of our members, corporate sponsors, and our audience. We thank you for your continued support of this organization.

The Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival is a 501(c)3 non-profit and all donations are tax deductible, including badges and memberships, corporate sponsorships, and individual donations.

If you would like to make an individual donation through our online portal at First Giving, simply click on the link provided, select “other,” and fill out your billing information. If you would prefer to donate by check, set up a reccurring donation, or wish to make an endowment, please contact our board treasurer at

For corporate sponsorships, please contact our board president at